Monday, February 17, 2014

What's this about 30?!

Gotta love Facebook and the birthday reminders. Just about every week, someone else is turning 30. 


30 years old.


I still have a few months but as I've learned, time passes quickly! I spend a moment reflecting on my goals, dreams, and accomplishments and while I have not met some goals, I've exceeded others. Some dreams have gotten bigger and some within reach. My accomplishments are far greater than I imagined.

My greatest moments in my 20's revolve around who I am in great thanks to my journey through infertility and overcoming to motherhood. Lowest and highest wrapped in one.

I will enter the "flirty 30's" confident in who I am. I am the daughter of the King of kings. Imperfect despite trying to be perfect daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend. I will enter this decade healthier than I entered the last. I will have fun and explore this beautiful life God has blessed me with. I will find my laugh again.

Bring it on 30! I've got this!

(Please someone remind me of this on May 29 as I spend my last day officially in my 20's....)

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squirrelgirl said...

30 was easy and 40 was good, too. Honestly, you couldn't pay me to go back any earlier than at least 30. While there were some wonderful things that happened before 30, I have been much more comfortable as a "grown-up".