Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Another Anniversary

Anniversaries continue to come. Today, well, four years ago on this date we found out we were pregnant with Little Miss! To think it has been a short, yet long, four years is mind boggling.

Just four years ago, I was staring at a positive home pregnancy test in disbelief. I managed to get the words out that we were pregnant to Charles but not without tears or actually getting up off the toilet first.

Now that tiny spot we saw on our first ultrasound is now our big hearted, high spirited, little mommy, fashionista 3 year old! Every tear shed, pill taken, shot received, ultrasound done, IUI attempted, and 1,509 days we waited for her were worth it!

Fashionista Little Miss curtesy like the Princess she is.
Excuse the complete disarray as we are trying to organize, still.

And it gets better... 4 years later, I'm the proud mommy to TWO precious little girls! Little Sister turns 7 months today! Please, someone find the pause button!

Four teeth! Two on top, two on bottom.

Pulling to stand and "walks" her feet around. Balances really well too.
Definitely an anniversary I'm celebrating today!

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