Sunday, February 9, 2014

Andy Pandy Diaper Review and Giveaway {2 winners!}

I know I'm not the only mom who has spent hours researching disposable diapers online...Please tell me I'm not anyways! Being a loyal cloth diaper supporter, I was very disappointed when Little Sister was having so much trouble with our adorable cloth diaper stash. {Details dedicated to a different post} When I began truly searching for my perfect disposable I stumbled across Andy Pandy and so thankful I did! What perfect timing too as they have only recently launched September 2013!

Do you see all those wonderful qualities that make up these super soft diapers? Straight from owner Jessica's fingers, "The bamboo that we use in our diapers is "non-woven" meaning it is 100% pure bamboo and does not go through the all the processing that "bamboo rayon" goes through." Add that to their dedication of ensuring quality from every company they work with from their bamboo harvesters and manufacturing facility to other material providers are companies of integrity (no child/elder labor, no loss of bamboo habitat or affect of the creatures of the bamboo forest, decent wages, hours, etc). 

And the icing on the cake? Owner Jessica is an absolute pleasure working with! She is a mom too so she gets it. I have purchased 4 packs of diapers before hosting this giveaway and will continue to do so! The diapers are so incredibly soft and very absorbent!

Andy Pandy in action! {Please excuse the poor photo quality as we have recently moved and cannot locate the cord to my "real" camera so mobile device had to due} Little Sister was 13 lb 12 oz 2 weeks ago at her six month check up! Ah, crazy! She has put them to the test in rolling, crawling, and pulling to stand and the diaper keeps up better than we do! The absolute best part?! The rash that Little Sister had in other diapers, cloth and disposable, has disappeared since using Andy Pandy diapers!

We have found size smalls overnights has us running a small risk of leaks come morning smiles, so we use a size medium for overnights and smalls throughout the day and nap without any leaks. She is in the overlap weight range with Smalls running 6.5-17 lbs, Mediums 13-22 lbs, Large 2-31 lbs, and X-Large 26+ lbs!

Sporting the Size Small - 6.5 to 17 lbs

Sizing up the Medium - 13 to 22 lbs

And just because I can't resist sharing the cuteness that Little Sister is!
Ready for the fun part?! Owner Jessica at Andy Pandy is sponsoring a giveaway! 2 winners will be chosen to win 1 pack of diapers in their selected size. USA entries only, sorry. Giveaway ends February 28, 2013 at midnight so hurry and get your entries in!

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Little sister looks just like your dh!! Love the pictures! I hope all is well with the move.

BabyBlueEyes said...

The girls are PRECIOUS!! Lets do lunch again soon!!

Shelby said...

Oooh...I'd love to try these!! Currently using, but always looking for better! These sound awesome!