Sunday, January 19, 2014

Feeling optimistic

In 11 days we will make the move back to Georgia... 

While I'm so not thrilled at living in my Inlaws one bedroom basement apartment, I am at peace about it. I just hope it is short lived and Dept of Labor gets over themselves and pays Charles so we can get on with our lives and get our own place again! I hate we are leaving the Carolinas and the wonderful friends we've made here, I am looking forward to more time with family and making more memories with my long time friends I grew up with. Most of them have kids all around the same age so it will be fun to watch our kids grow up together.

My Inlaws have like 10 acres so if I can convince them to utilize it for their benefit instead of wasting it on two non functioning horses (giant dogs people, giant dogs), I foresee chickens in our future. Fresh eggs from happy chickens that I know aren't being fed soy or GMO feed... That excitement alone is enough for me to make the move! And Alpacas. And dabbling in a food garden, of course. And honey. Maybe? I'll leave the raw cows milk and grass fed beef to Country Gardens though. Me, on a farm? Oh my!

First priority though? Little Miss and Little Sister enrolled in swimming lessons and infant survival swim. I've had too many nightmares about Little Miss drowning and now having a pool in the backyard (as well as at my moms house) to not be proactive. Every pool alarm available will be purchased too.

So we will make the best of these last several days here... Maybe even sneak a date in to Charlotte since I have two bags of frozen breastmilk that need using so I don't have to worry about moving. That's a good enough excuse for a date night, right?

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