Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good-bye Jackie

Today was a hard day.

The day we said "Good-bye" to our first "baby", Jack.

10 years, 3 months together.

Many firsts were experienced with Jack.

Jack really was Charles' dog...

Though he pretended to like me too...sometimes.

Jack was with us for every.single.move.

Jack and Jill were inseparable.

Jack learned really quick what a box meant...

He LOVED toys that squeaked.
We LOVED that we finally found one he couldn't destroy.

When he played, it was with 110%!

He loved Little Miss...

Always there.

Even as she met new milestones.

Reunion after their first extended separation was priceless.

Always on the look out for Little Miss.

A part of the family.

Never missing an opportunity to be in the middle of it.

Always making us laugh.

Never a dull moment.


Her first friend.

He tolerated so much.

Treated like her own personal baby doll.

Reunions always were special.

Each move brought new territory to explore with her best friend, Jack.

A girl loves her dogs and they, her.

Perhaps loved too much.

Oh how he kept us on our toes...

And then came Little Sister and it was too much for him. Between aging and failing health, it was time to find a better suited home for him. The Lord answers prayers, even concerning dogs. We moved him to his new home today. Bittersweet. He is surely much happier in his new family yet we miss him dearly.

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