Sunday, October 27, 2013


Pinterest is bad influence...

Perhaps, sometimes a good influence...

Birthday parties + Pinterest = Badly Good!

I got the wild hair to make sprinkles!  I saw a basic recipe and the only thing I used from it was the sugar. No nasty food dyes in our sprinkles! Bonus- they were purple as Little Miss requested!

Original called for Vodka.  I used Elderberry Juice.

Original called for cornstarch.  I used Tapioca Flour.

Make a paste.

Draw lines (or images with lines) on parchment paper.  Take lots of breaks.


Time consuming!

Let toddler "Help".

Lots of lines...

Lines were never ending!

Squeezing out her "buttons"

And of course, even some to eat when we ran out of parchment paper!

Let dry for about 24 hours and then let toddler break into little pieces aka sprinkles!

Overall, success!  Couldn't keep Charles or Little Miss out of them!

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