Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hardcore Natural Products

Totally off my usual topic here...

Or is it...

Definitely an opportunity to share products I hope you will try and let me {and my Dad and Jodi!} know your honest thoughts!

I am 100% behind natural products.  Products I can feel good about using around our kids {and that they can use!} and dogs.  Products that after using, I am not suffering from a pounding headache from the chemicals.  Even a little tree hugger in me wanting to not harm the Earth along the way.  An extra bonus- Made in America!  Even if it is Kansas City, MO.  :-)

My dad and Jodi purchased a new business and have grown it quite a bit over the last many months!

Don't let the whole parts images scare you away.  They carry some great products for families concerned about ingredients!  That's my use of it anyways.  We don't own any recreational toys, yet many of the products can be used in other ways.

Though, if it moves, Moto-Tec has a product for you!  Seriously...

BoatsMotorcyclesATVCarsRVGolf cart.

Let me tell you what I have used...

Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes are great at cleaning car windows and lights!  {follow.the.directions or you will surely be sending me hate email! Apply. Dry. Buff.}

Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner is great for outings!  Actually, we first used it on a trip back from Georgia when we stopped at our usual half way mark for a restroom break.  Little Miss is petrified of the automatic hand dryers {and automatic flushing toilets} that she walks into a restroom and immediately checks to see if they have paper towels or not.  If they do not, she begins negotiations on to wash her hands or not after using the restroom.  Gross!  Of course, this rest stop had automatic dryers so she began her negotiations and anticipating this, I offered her the Moto-Tec hand cleaner as an alternative.  No water needed.  I just cannot convince them the packaging should be something cute for the diaper bag.  :-)

P.U.E. (Pet Urine Eliminator) is not one I have tried in my house though I have been there when it was used at my dad and Jodi's house.  It worked.  I am told this is a necessity during potty training too so think I'll get a bottle or 5 when Little Sister is ready.  :-)

and lastly, Tec-Wipes.  Use these on our cell phones, although "dumb" they still get finger prints and tiny scratches all over them.  Works great on our iPad and my glasses too!  Again, when you try it please follow the directions or else you will be sending me hate mail that "it doesn't work".  It does.  Promise.  You just have to let it FULLY dry before buffing!  That simple.  Apply.  Dry.  Buff.

Check out the website.  Try a product.  Like them on Facebook.  Whatever you do, tell them you're my BFF and I sent you!  {It'll earn me brownie points when I ask for a really big favor like watching our dogs for us}

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Tim Smith said...

Erin and others that may have some questions regarding the Tec-Wipes.
We beta tested them in a computer store and then in the technology class of a school. I have met with the chemist who formulated the liquid and here are some clarifications. The wipes are moist not wet so the will not harm the surface. They have Carnuba from the Brazilian Palm as the cleaner and Rouge as the polishing agent like they use in jewelry. You wipe on and as long as they are moist they will work, let dry to a haze and then wipe off. They are nature based and have not acids or alcohols so safe for the user.