Monday, September 30, 2013

Dietary changes

As I mentioned, Little Sister has quite the sensitive tummy thus the elimination of several foods from my diet. Since I am the primary cook, I make what I can eat. We have been gluten free for he last 7 weeks and the last three weeks we jumped into the Paleo lifestyle with both feet!

Within days, Charles had more energy and just felt better. I have felt better as well. Little Miss has not been acting out nearly as much, unless she gets gluten or sugar or too much iPad/tv time. Little Sister is generally less fussy and not spitting up as much nor arching her back screaming in pain like she was. Overall, success!

Bonus points! Charles has lost 8 pounds so far as of today and I was only 2.4 lbs shy of pre pregnancy weight as of this past Monday! :-)

Not only are the dietary changes helping us and Little Sister, but Little Miss too! She has some tooth decay in her four upper front teeth (lip tie related) and both upper one year molars. Paleo plus raw dairy is pretty much the Weston A. Price diet for tooth remineralization. Add that to fermented cod liver oil/butter oil, D3, cell salts, Black Walnut, Neem tooth powder, PerioWash, and probiotics I feel like we are on our way to healthy baby teeth but even healthier bodies and permanent teeth!

Will share more progress once we go back to the pediatric dentist the end of November for a three month follow up! I am so thankful he is a self proclaimed hippy and accepts our desire to treat this naturally first before jumping into major surgeries. Anyone have experience treating tooth decay/cavities naturally??

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