Saturday, January 5, 2013

To Doula or not?!

I absolutely LOVED my ob/gyn Dr. Simckes back in Missouri...  Perhaps the great pregnancy experience under his care was that he also cared for me during infertility treatments?  We had an understanding.  He would let me have my way unless it meant life or death, then he took the reigns.  It was a patient-Doctor respected relationship.  I miss being under his care...

First time labor was overall great.  Charles was my rock and my mom was an amazing supporter.  Overall, I loved the ability to labor as I pleased.  I do have a couple regrets I want to do differently this time though.  Like, I regret them fearing the unknown of it being our first go at it and pressuring me to go to the hospital very early on.  Being admitted at 4cm meant a long time laboring in the hospital!  I want to be home with Little Miss as long as possible.  I regret getting the IV drugs.  Little Miss came out having some brief breathing problems and I can't help but attribute it to my "pain relief".

This time, I'll have Charles of course as my number one.  My mom will be on Little Miss duty so she'll be touch and go on helping during labor.  I fear Charles will become exhausted physically (I required constant pushing on my back that left my mom and Charles physically exhausted by delivery!) and emotionally if he does not have someone to help support him...  I don't know who will be on call for delivery because the practice is like 7 Doctors.  The smallest one I could find in the Charlotte area!  :-(  So I need Charles to be fresh if they try to pull anything.  Yeah, I don't have a huge trust for Doctors.  Especially here where the c-section rates are high!

So to Doula or not is the question...  With a price tag of $500-1000!!  Ouch!  I'm desperately trying to find a Doula who is not yet certified to help cut the cost some.

I would absolutely LOVE to deliver at the birthing center for a water birth specifically just across the South Carolina boarder but they are not crazy about me being on a baby aspirin a day thanks to MTHFR.  They want me to go see a Doctor for approval first.  Fine.  Until I researched this Doctor who just recently lost a wrongful death case against her!  Yeah, if she can't keep her patients alive why would I trust her for approval or not if I would be okay to delivery at the birthing center?!

So back to making the best of the natural birth friendly hospital in Charlotte...

Doula stories to share???  Please do!!!

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Michele said...

If you want, email me some specifics and I can pass them along to some doulas networks.

squirrelgirl said...

I had a doula for both of my births (the same woman, who has also been a dear friend since just after I moved to FL). I would never consider doing it without. She was exactly what I needed - she knew what to do and when to do it, and she gave me suggestions on how to make things easier for me (position changes, breathing changes, etc.) I never needed any pain meds with either birth; I think the support of the doula helps much more than meds.