Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pregnancy Talk

I am still floating on cloud nine that I'm knocked up, again!  Each pregnancy definitely is unique though it is particularly amusing to me when one of my brothers is saying this to me...  :-)

And I'm continuously reminding myself, as not to freak myself out, that my body remembers being pregnant so things are happening sooner the second time around.  Like round ligament pain.

I'm nervous as to when my milk will completely dry up and if this will indeed lead Little Miss to self weaning...

I am excitedly nervous as to how she will do when we bring home the new baby...

I also wonder how long it will be before hubby and I finally agree on a name...

The kicker though, we're Team Green so we need to agree on a boy and girl name!

My latest favorite girls name, Olivianne.  He says no.  I love it!  Nickname Liv or Livi.

I am currently 10 weeks with our estimated due date being July 30, 2013!

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Anyone have any breastfeeding while pregnant/milk drying up/toddler weaning words of advice??

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Michele said...

No words of wisdom on the milk situation, since mine went loooonnng ago. But I know what you mean about team green! Normally, I've had the (correct) sense from the start about my kiddos (with the exception of thinking Bobby was a girl but then going to boy right before we found out, I've been right on). But this time? Nada. Peter jokes about Xerxes (a boy's name) when he's calling the baby by name, but he says he goes back and forth between girl and boy. Maya swears boy and Bobby doesnt seem to care one way or the other!

I'm 11w today so I'm in the same boat! Trying to remember that my body knows what to do, and to not worry!