Monday, January 7, 2013

Moving, again.

We got our lease renewal letter in the mail this week...  Ugh.  We know we're not staying here as it is so expensive!  But the problem is, we don't know where we are going.  We have to figure this out in the next two months though!

To rent or buy debate?

I am sooooooo over moving!  We have had nine addresses in the nine years we have been married over three states!

I am ready to stay put for awhile and unpack  That has yet to happen...

Without going political, the incentives to buy are just not there like they used to be.  I like that is is "ours" though.  To decorate.  Paint.  Hang things on the walls.  You know, make it home.  Every single rental we've lived in, house or apartment, we have yet to hang things on the wall or paint.

Renting makes sense though as then if something major breaks, it is not our savings account depleting...  We can chug away at this stupid student loan debt without worrying about saving for household repairs.  But then again they can tell you you have to be out in x amount of days and then you're at square one again.

Do you own or rent?  Do you recommend it?  Let's talk...

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Michele said...

We own. We bought 2 years ago and could never go back, I think. We rented houses (and they were great) but there is nothing that compares to feeling like your house is yours, that it is somewhere your kids can come home to (and really feel like it is "home").

Stephanie said...

We own. A newer house would be less expensive to own. We've owned both older and newer. We are in an older house now and the repairs just keep coming. If your husband isn't handy, it will get expensive quick.

If you buy, make sure you love the area and that you get a good inspection.

squirrelgirl said...

I own, but I also don't have any student loans to worry about. I love owning, but there are maintenance and repair costs that don't come with rental. You might consider signing a long-term lease (2 or 3 years) if you find a place you like, to allow more time to pare down the debt and save up to buy.

Anonymous said...

Have you stopped blogging? I was wondering how your pregnancy was going.