Friday, January 4, 2013

Baby concerns

I have to get this out there...  Hopefully someone has been here too and can offer reassuring encouragement.

My first dating ultrasound with Little Miss was 6w 1d.  That is the only ultrasound she measured spot on her due date!  Every single additional ultrasound she was slowly gaining dates from one day to 2-3 weeks by the end!  This was especially reassuring as my Doctor mentioned he was watching me for IUGR as it is seen in MTHFR patients.

Fast forward to this pregnancy...  First dating ultrasound baby measured one day behind. Second ultrasound, five days behind. Heartbeat looks fantastic.

In three weeks we have our NT ultrasound (going just for the ultrasound) on a different, newer, ultrasound machine. Hoping for a baby measuring on spot!!

Anyone gone through this??

Doctor says not to worry... I am trying not to. Really, I am.

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squirrelgirl said...

I haven't been through this but I will keep you in my thoughts. I know how hard it can be to battle the uncertainty in the first trimester. :sticky: