Thursday, November 8, 2012

Potty Training 102

Seeking veteran parents help!  Or anyone that knows anything about potty training...

Quick recap- 

Day one of potty training on Monday consisted of waking up dry, one accident shortly after waking for the day, and an accident during naptime.

Day two on Tuesday consisted of waking up wet for the day, waking up dry from naptime, and pooping on the potty for the first and second time!  The issue arose when Little Miss and I took a quick trip to Goodwill and Walgreens.  She refused to potty before leaving despite our best efforts.  She told me in the car that she needed to go potty!  Thankfully, we were about two minutes from our destination and I convinced her to hold it.  We got to the bathroom with her dry but upon seeing the big potty, she refused to go!  Walked around no problem.  Back to the car we went for our second destination 5 minutes away.  About three minutes into the ride she said "POTTY!" and then was quiet.  I am assuming that is when it happened...  When we arrived she was wet.

Today is day FOUR of our potty training adventure!

Overall, I am pretty happy with her progress so far!  Daytime accidents minimal.  She's 24 months old.  I expected multiple accidents a day!

Any seasoned tips or tricks on transitioning to using the potty out and about despite it being a big potty?  Have I really destined myself to bring a little potty with us for the next 15 years of errands and traveling?  

And how about tackling sleep accidents...  Some days she is dry.  Others not so much.  She does not want to wear a diaper at all.  I guess we are going the "bootcamp" route?

Oh the bittersweet moments of Potty Training.  No more fluff butt cloth diapers.  No more pants not fitting because of said fluff butt.  Excited that she is reaching such a milestone though!!

Tell me about your potty training experience?  Your kids?  Other kids?


Michele said...

I've never potty trained a child, but I read this post a while back, I had to google it to find it again, but I thought it seemed like the way to do it.

Leslie said...

We have not potty trained yet. My little guy is not ready. I have seen on amazon that there are travel potty's that you can keep in the car. I was thinking when we do decide to potty train (probably not for another 6 months), that this might be helpful to have just in case. Hope the potty training continues to go well.

Stephanie said...

When we first started potty training I still put them in diapers to go out. Sometimes they would ask to go potty and would make it to the potty still. I never had an issue with the big potty though. My boys love public restrooms. They are weird like that. said...

I didn't start potty training E until she was 2 1/2 and wanted to try. The first week or two I kept her in diapers while out and about...Also at night she was still in diapers. We lived in an apartment and I was not willing to go to the laundromat if she wet her entire bed...

Annie Kates said...

Oh we are just about at the end of potty training the twins. It takes longer for boys, that's my excuse.
Do not be concerned about overnights and naps yet.That is the last thing for her to work on. My niece was potty trained just before she turned two, she's now almost 4 and she still wears pull ups to bed in case of an accident.
What I did with the boys when we went out was to use a diaper cover, or pocket cover and no insert or prefold. It holds the urine so it doesn't leak onto the pants, yet they are wet enough to feel that they had an accident and want to avoid it in the future. I made sure that potty training was mastered at home before I ventured out with into public diaper free.
Boys are easier with public restrooms since they can stand and use a urinal.
We transitioned rather quickly from the small potty, to the toilet with the training seat.