Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random connections

Little Miss threw us some "red flags" so of course I went to Google. I was encouraged by a random MTHFR connection (and given I have hetero C677t I was intrigued) so I researched more.

I was lead to believe MTHFR effected me as for conceiving and cardiovascular health. That was it.  Tonight I learned so much more....

56 connections to MTHFR.


Did you catch #1?!?!


In other links I came across, the statistics were upwards to like 98% of Autistic individuals have MTHFR gene mutation!

And in another website I came across during my research, Natural Killer Cells.

Check out the bottom of page 16! 

Or just for the quote- "Patients with raised natural killer cells (CD69 - CD56 - CD16) respond will with treatment by medical mushrooms. These have been well proven in Japan to moderate the immune system of HIV patients and form a mainstream part of conventional medicine treatment in japan for AIDS patients. The same action has been observed in women with raised NK cell levels. Patients are given a combination of three mushroom types (Cordyceps, Reishi and Coriolus) in tablet form."

I am just curious if anyone has successfully treated Natural Killer Cells naturally with medical mushrooms???

What are your thoughts on all this? I am definitely going to have Charles tested and pending his results, Little Miss.

Now to convince all blood relatives to get tested and friends with their own "red flags" of "motherfather" as my mom loving refers to MTHFR.

Have you/your family members ever been tested?

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socialite_baby said...

It's crazy what Google comes up with! Very interesting on the NK cells... I have to be honest the first time I read it I thought it was talking about the crazy hallucination mushrooms, but I'm going to assume the medical are different! ;) I'll have to see what I can find as far as any pills for sale online, at this point it likely can't hurt anything!