Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Little Miss Princess, of course!

 Gosh I love that face!!

 DIVA!!!!  She loves dressing up and had to get a thorough look at this "so pretty" dress she was wearing.  Had to fight tooth and nail to get her to take it off for bed too...

 I seriously want to cry at this picture...  I blink and see myself helping her fix her hair for Prom and blink again and there she is, wearing a white wedding dress as I stand in awe of my just turned two year old!

 She takes her role as Princess very seriously.  No goofing off while in paparazzi view.

Do these pictures of Little Miss (She's 2!) make up for my absence?

Pretty please?

What if I could distribute all the reaming "boring" candy Charles picked out?

It still absolutely baffles me that just three years ago to the day this was my Halloween.  My mom came to visit and encourage me as I was loosing hope on our infertility journey.  I'm so grateful for my mom and our miracle of Little Miss!

 Hope everyone had a safe and memorable day!

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