Friday, June 1, 2012

Oklahoma City Bound!

For the last 7 weeks Charles has been in Oklahoma City, OK for training since he is doing a different job here in Charlotte than in St. Louis. 

We were blessed that my mom happened to receive an e-mail notification about Delta airline specials that just happened to be a weekend trip from Atlanta {where we happened to be for a month} to Oklahoma City!{Take note of all those "coincidences"?  Yep.  God was looking down on us.}

It was so needed for Little Miss and myself to see Charles! 

We headed out to the Oklahoma City Zoo which, despite the city itself being just ugly {in MY opinion} the zoo was beautiful and much more exciting than the Atlanta Zoo was! 

A few of my favorite photos from our weekend trip... 

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Shannon Marie said...

I live about an hour away from okc and I love the zoo!!! Glad you had fun and it worked out for you!!