Monday, June 18, 2012


I cannot believe it but my oldest younger brother {follow that?} is MARRIED!!! I am so happy for them and absolutely adore my new sister-in-law! :-)  The wedding was absolutely gorgeous!  The ceremony was held, literally, under giant Oak Trees that sit on 1600 ish acres.  The reception immediately followed in the backyard of a really old house with white lights strung from the trees.  Flowers were the theme.  Ah.  Just breathtaking.  I was too busy being there {catching up with long time friends and family and keeping up with Little Miss} to take pictures.  Regretting that now...

But, just had to share these amazing moments!!!  My brother, the groom here, has started Antebellum Photobooth Co!  Vintage inspired photobooths for rent that add some serious fun to all gatherings!!  People were in and out of these all evening long!  Check out Facebook for all the photos from the wedding plus other events!  Oh, and they travel!!!  :-)

At their wedding, they used this for the guest book!  People came out, picked up their pictures, selected which side of the sheet they wanted to keep for themselves and which side went into the guest book.  Then they wrote a little note or just signed names next to their photos and it is a memory that will surely last a lifetime for the bride and groom!
BFF since 1991 and I!
Charles, Little Miss, and I!
Bride and Groom!

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