Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gone Gluten/Dairy/Soy Free!

We have entered week 3 of eating Gluten/Dairy/Soy free!  {We have "cheated" three times...  Pretty much one day out of the week and have totally regretted it afterwards!}

I've read WAY too many articles and personal stories on gluten intolerances/sensitivities and the link with PCOS...  Dairy too.  Well, dairy it makes sense to me.  We don't need milk past the age of weaning.  AKA age 2.  Truly.  And milk, even organic, is naturally high in estrogen since it does come from a lactating animal and all...  As a society, we are estrogen dominant.  Men and women.  Boys and girls.  Worth looking into...

The first week was really hard.  What CAN you eat if you take away gluten, dairy, and soy infested foods!?  It seemed like nothing.  Week 3 and I'm honestly not missing any of our previous gluten, dairy, or soy based foods!  Now the bank account is hurting a bit more since fresh foods are more expensive than the processed junk foods.  Overall, we both FEEL better too.  Doesn't hurt that our first week he lost 2 lbs and I lost 1.3 lbs!  We haven't weighed since as we were away for the weekend attending my brother's wedding and that's when we usually weigh in...  This weekend.

*Side note here- Little Miss is still eating dairy in the form of Greek yogurt as she is also still nursing so not yet past "weaning age" thus able to tolerate it.  :-)

I met with a new Ob/Gyn here to discuss our next steps in getting me knocked up already and after an ultrasound was told that my right ovary is "quiet", no cysts were found.  My left ovary had a small handful of cysts.  Progress is being made!  I was told that I'm "normal" and to just wait it out as Dr believes I will get pregnant, again, the good ole' fashion way.  I'm hopeful but realistic.

Anyone else Gluten/Dairy/Soy free???  I would LOVE some of your favorite recipes to try out as we are experimenting still.  :-)


Aly said...

Hey lady, I just saw your comment on my blog! I'm actually in Columbia SC so right by the zoo! ANYTIME you want to come down for a visit we are definitely up for a trip to the zoo. We are members so I can get yall in for free too :)

No I'm not still nursing. My milk dried up as soon as I got pregnant. It was actually my first sign that I should maybe take a test. This pregnancy has been the wildest ride of my life.

Good lucking with going gluten/dairy/and soy free! You are amazing. Just the thought of giving all that up makes me hungry :)

Maria said...

I haven't eliminated soy and dairy but have been gluten free for a couple of months now! My favorite thing to make for a special "treat" is The gluten free pizza (Chebe is the brand I think) and while most people would want cheese, I am sure you could top it with just meat and veggies! It is really good! Also, I make the crust with some cheese but it is optional. Good luck! I miss some convenience foods but really- it is so much better for us!

squirrelgirl said...

I've been {nearly} gluten-free for about 6 weeks. It's an experiment for my thyroid condition, and I have no symptoms like tummy upset if I accidentally have gluten.

I struggle daily with food choices, and it's hard to have Miss K get upset when I can't accept her "sharing" of a cookie or some such thing. Troy thinks it's a bunch of hooey and isn't on board with my dietary changes.

I really, truly hope that at the end of this 6 month experiment there is no difference in my thyroid so I can revert to my old way of eating.

Kudos to you for tackling gluten, dairy AND soy all at once! And lucky for you, you have a supportive partner in your decision - I would imagine that makes it easier.