Saturday, May 26, 2012

Slow Fade

I love this song by Casting Crowns, "Slow Fade".

It's not the "Slow Fade" I'm referencing though... {But do watch the video!}

I'm talking about the slow fade that happens in our children's lives.  The slow fade that if you are not watching, you'll miss.

I read a statement a few months ago that really has stuck with me.  "Everyone watches for the first.  The first step.  The first word.  The first time you rocked your baby to sleep.  Etc.  So many people miss the last...  The last time your baby called you mama and now are just mom.  The last time they allowed you to kiss them in public.  The last time you rocked them to sleep.  Etc."

I've been reminded of this slow fade in Little Miss' life.  The milestones have come and gone.  Every time I blink, I almost miss the transition.

The gummy smile that's now an almost fully toothed smile.

The moments of dread as I put her into the carseat would once guarantee a full on screaming fit until she was removed for said torture device.  Now it's only about half the time.

The slow fade of our nursing closeness.  She's fading into only a few times a day and often cutting nursing short to drink some water before running off to play again.

When will be the last time we co-sleep?  I thoroughly enjoy the all night long snuggles as she fits perfectly snuggled into me.  I love kissing her on the head, feeling her breathing, and having her leg draped over mine.  Reassured she's okay.

The mamamamamamama babble that's turned into little conversations which will oh so soon turn into full blown conversations.

She no longer feels the need to run to me after every boo-boo for comfort.  She now, for minor injuries, will fuss for a minute before moving on to another play spot.  Independence is setting in.

I've been convicted that while technology is great, it's interfering with my relationship with Little Miss.  I used to play on my smart phone during the many growth spurt long nursing sessions and now I treasure the moments that are fleeting yet, thankfully, not completely gone.

This slow fade is inevitable in life.  Growing up happens.  I just do not want to miss a single second of the transition from baby to toddler to preschooler to little girl to preteen to teenager to adulthood!  The chaos of life can wait until she's asleep.

As I wipe away the happy tears, I'll turn off the computer and head upstairs to snuggle with my Little Miss and thank God for the moments that were so beautiful today.

Watching her put on flip flops all by herself, put on a horrid green beaded necklace, position her princess pink purse perfectly on her shoulder while keeping arm elevated to ensure the purse stays put all while placing her baby doll in the grocery cart to go for a walk. 

Walk we did.  :-) 

Then we traded in all things girly for her bubble blowing lawn mower that seconds as a really fun go-cart for her!

My heart over flows with love for this tiny little strong willed girly girl!

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Leslie said...

It is definitely sad seeing our little ones grow so fast and for time to fly by but I have been told that each stage, while there are new worries & challenges, gets better & better! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!