Monday, May 28, 2012

Hoping to hold out!

Ovaries are achey and cramping. 

Cycle day 23.

Par for the course with late ovulation.

At least I'd be ovulating without any fancy medications.

But zero, ZERO, chance of pregnancy if it happens today...


I'm hopeful that my ovaries are gearing up to pop out the juicy egg but will hold out for another 4 days...  Then we would have a good chance at conception.

So it's really bittersweet-  To ovulate is a good thing.  To ovulate in 4 days would be a better thing!

But then again, the sooner the witch arrives, the sooner I get to use the fancy ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor I was gifted by one of my biggest cheerleaders and fellow {once} infertile!  :-)


Leslie said...

Hope you are able to time perfectly so you will not need the CBEFM!

Maria said...

I hope that your O waits a few more days! Good luck!