Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, me!

It's crazy.

Today's my birthday.

It's not a "big" birthday.

It doesn't seem like it though...

Maybe it will this evening when my mom arrives?

Maybe not.

Charles will be back this weekend so we can fully celebrate then!

I love birthdays.

Even mine.

I have many fond memories of my birthday and some special memories of moments from friends birthdays!

Which is why it is weird it doesn't feel like my birthday.

I love that each person has one day a year to celebrate their life.

...who cares if you share YOUR day with a billion other people world wide.

It's YOUR day to those that love YOU.

So Happy Birthday to Me, from Me.

Now if only the fairies would come clean the house, do the laundry, and walk the dogs...

I'll just spend the day with my Little Miss {and mom and Ray when they arrive}.

What's your favorite birthday memory?


Leslie said...

Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great day! That is a great question about fondest bday memory. I will have to think.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!

On my 21st birthday all my friends really went out of their way to celebrate me and I just remember feeling so happy. (I didn't even drink on my 21st!) said...


socialite_baby said...

I'm a huge birthday fan too! I always make the mistake of building my expectations for the day then it turns out either no one remembers or I have to work or something. I love my birthday though! None really stick out in particular for me. I'm still waiting for my continuous birthday wish from the past 4 years to come true! ;)

Happy birthday! I hope it's amazing!

MEL said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday!!!!