Saturday, May 19, 2012

Enchancing Fertility??

What did you do?  What do you suspect worked/didn't work?

Geritol Complete?  A baby at the bottom of every bottle...  {Not the three bottles I purchased but then again I also didn't purchase the winning lottery ticket so I must not be a good selector}

Gluten free?  Dairy Free?  Yoga?  Supplements of sorts?  I want success stories!  Success stories are not just a baby at the end...  Improvement in numbers is success too!  I celebrate all positives here!

I want to know...  Give me the full scoop!!!  Really!  :-)

My little success story.  Soy.  Ugh.  Mimicks estrogen, we know this.  Disrupts receptors for many functions of our body.  Some of us, ahem, are more sensitive to this than others.

My TSH after delivery was like 5.84.  I have been trying really hard to eliminate soy from our diets.  {Do you really know how many things Soy is found it?!?!  Really.  Go try to find one thing in your house that is not solely fruits or veggies that does not have a soy in it.  Check your supplements too.  Yep.}  It's been a long, slow process but I would say I have eliminated about 90% of it!  The majority of it comes from eating out be it a restaurant or someone else's house.

...My TSH has been steadily dropping.  Coincidence?  It was checked just this last week and is 2.74!  1-2 is the ideal range to get and sustain a pregnancy.  I'm so very excited for this!!!!  It motivates me to continue working hard to eliminate it and hopefully get fertility up and running again!  :)

And might I also add that I lost another 2 pounds per the Dr scale!?!?  Yep.  Slowly, oh so slowly, but surely it is coming off!  Again, I blame Soy.  {But not Soy alone.  I'm not stupid.}  Estrogen = Fat.  Soy pretends to be estrogen so it adds fat.  My theory- get rid of Soy = getting rid of excess Estrogen = fat going away too!

Makes sense, right?  Or am I totally fetching straws here...?

Vitamin D3 is my other favorite but I'm just so excited over my TSH/Soy coincidence!

So again, any success stories??

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Leslie said...

I am sorry I do not have any advice -- for me, I truly believe it was the baby aspirin that helped us! I wanted to wish you the best and hope that you see a bfp very soon!!