Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pinch Me!

In total denial that we are living in this beautiful city...

"The Queen City"
What's not to love? Seriously.

Mountains... Oh, I cannot wait to visit the mountains during every season!

The beaches... My bucket list includes camping ON the beach! What a perfect place to do it right here in North Carolina!

Not to mention, visit the Biltmore House! Oh how I've always wanted to go, especially at Christmas!

There are MANY more things I'm looking forward to about our new life in North Carolina but had to share these!

Ever been to North Carolina? Must see/experience recommendations?


Maureen said...

Hi Meghan! I'm so jealous...I've always said if I moved anywhere it would be North or South Carolina (never Belgium...haha!) b/c you get the best of both...mountains and the beach! I've only ever been to North and I was little so I can't recommend much, but I'm sure you're going to love it!

Good luck with trying this month too...I totally have baby fever and can't wait to get back to the states so we can start trying for number 2. Hopefully it will work out some time this fall :o) I'll be waiting anxiously to hear your good news!! :o)

Leslie said...

We will be moving to Greenville, SC this year. I think it is ~ 2 hours from Charlotte. I too am very excited. My parents live closer to the coast & we have always wanted to live down there. I can not wait to see the Biltmore at Christmas too! I have heard great things about Charlotte and am so happy you are happy there! Best wishes to you!

socialite_baby said...

How gorgeous! I'm a bit jealous! :)