Sunday, April 15, 2012


We've been living one abnormal life the last year. It seems to be continuing right through the middle of June and only then will we be able to rest our heads on our pillows without yet another lingering engagement to displace us from home...

Yet then it really will not happen. Once this normalcy happens, we will hit the ground running looking for a house to buy because we have to give notice to move with adequate timing! We are hopeful actually being here that the search will go much smoother than our week long trip from you-know-where house hunting trip. :-)

So really, when will normal happen? Once we are established in a house? I'm hopeful we will then soon be welcoming another baby into the family so then it would be establishing another new normal... Maybe I should kiss "normal" goodbye? : -) Life sure is more fun that way! So farewell "normal"!

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Emms said...

Normal is boring ;). Hope all is going well!