Monday, April 9, 2012


North Carolina is now home! Just have to unpack...

Our first impressions here have been so over the top incredibly hospitable people! They make real sweet tea! And of course, the drivers know how to drive! :-)

We are so excited to be here and have actually already made our first 4.5 hour road trip to visit family in Georgia! That was really nice...

We miss our family back in Missouri though but so thankful they fly for free! :-) *Hint Hint*

Now if we could just hurry up and get settled here- Doctors, Church Home, Find a house to buy, etc.

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Leslie said...

How exciting!! I am glad to hear it is going well. I will be moving to the south this year too (to south carolina) and I am so looking forward to it!! Hope you get settled soon! Moving is not easy!