Thursday, March 22, 2012


The first go around at conception I took Vitex off and on several times. The last try was a 4 month stint that we conceived on! I have always taken the pills but read the tincture may work quicker so am giving that {disgusting!} stuff a try. Yes, it is HORRIBLE! Three times a day I swallow that horrible stuff! I'm hopeful though. Charting just to see if it is going to work its magic. :-) Maybe it does take another few months {which sucks timing wise as Charles has to go back to Oklahoma for 7 weeks of training} but all-in-all what's another 7 weeks?

In cleaning out and packing up for the move, Charles came across an old {non expired until July 2012!} Rx for Clomid! So if in a few months no changes noticed from the Vitex, I'll move on. :-)

But I am loving that the Vitex has not had any effect on my milk supply or her desire to nurse!


Emms said...

That's awesome that you found a random script for clomid, just in case! But I'm really happy that the cited hasn't affected nursing! Now I'm living Thu you since I had to wean.

~Jess said...

I was looking through old blog posts and saw a comment from 3 years ago, thought I'd stop by and say hello. Congratulations on your daughter!

Yay for a found script!