Sunday, March 18, 2012


With just over a week remaining in the hotel, I can't help but reflect on our life in Missouri...

Missouri is the first adventure we had as a couple! Oh an adventure it has been! :-) Of course, Missouri is the birthplace of our miracle Little Miss. It is the place that we began the extreme fighting for our family with intense fertility treatments. I wrote not one but two books with several more ideas in mind {none published nor do I believe I ever will honestly}.

Spending 7.5 months in a hotel though has been exhausting. I am so looking forward to using a washing machine and a dryer that only OUR clothes have been in! Not having to pay $1.75 a load to wash or dry {that was $1.50 upon checking in}. To having an oven. Cabinet space. Comfortable living room furniture. OUR bed. The little things...

I will miss the wonderful staff who have have made their ways into our, and Little Miss', hearts. Truly they have been like family. :-)

Here's to a whopping week-ish left in Missouri!!

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Emms said...

Yeah for moving on! And I love todays quote :)