Saturday, March 17, 2012


Charles and I have had a few spontaneous discussions about alcohol the last couple of weeks. Most of the time ending with a "...and that's why I don't drink" sort of statement. I could probably count using both hands and one foot how many times I have had a drink. Literally. I just have not had a taste for it except on two, rare, occasions...

The first was, of course, my 21st birthday celebration. :-) We were in Biloxi, MS at a casino. I had like two shots the whole evening. The first was bought for me buy a couple at the bar as they learned it was my 21st birthday. {It was also an attempt at the whole get-drunk-to-conceive-plan which failed, miserably}

The second is so not a proud moment. 3.75 years into our infertility journey, we were on a trip to Georgia over Thanksgiving. I attended a long time dear friend's baby shower, saw another long time friend who was pregnant with spontaneous twins, and was about to meet my SIL's first born {conceived on the first cycle} then 6 month old daughter.

Just prior to meeting our new niece, we had spent time at my dad's house chatting with him and his wife. It came up that they were investigating the steps needed to take to adopt her daughter's baby due to some extreme circumstances. The only thing that came to my mind was "Great. My dad, who should have been a grandfather by now, is going to be a "dad" again before I'm a mom!" I promptly left the table and went on the hunt for alcohol. Bailey's. Delicious.

Leaving their house, the tears flowed. We headed to the in-law get together where we would meet the niece for the first time. Walking up the driveway, with assistance, and was handed this beautiful baby girl that I could not safely hold. I had to decline. I was upset with myself. I was an embarrassment. I succumbed to a horrible escape.

2.5 years later, I am "introduced" to a cousin's wife when the statement was made, "Oh, we met before at the get together a couple years ago, though you had a bit too much to drink that night so probably don't remember..."

That's the first impression I left. That's NOT who I am, yet who I am remembered to be.

Are there any alcohol stories that end with, "...and that's why I continue to drink"?


socialite_baby said...

You make a good point! While I have funny drinking stories, never have I looked back and said "That was an awesome idea!" Alcohol is just bad news... I'm all for the occasional drink, but in moderation. Maybe 2-3 times a year I'll have a drink while out at dinner, but I haven't gotten drunk in years!

lostinCincy said...

Same here. I have spent the last (at least) 10 years of my life watching it destroy the wonderful man my brother could be. Even though I have a single bottle of wine in my fridge and I occasionally have a single glass, I still think its pretty much a monster. It honestly just doesn't interest me much at all. I dont know how some people do it.