Friday, February 10, 2012

You are what you eat!

I'm on a role... Because I'm passionate about it.

And because Little Miss clearly has shown her love for fresh fruit and veggies.

We're raising a rabbit.


She screams in the grocery store not for a cookie but for a celery stalk.


She's happiest munching on a carrot stick than a handful of teddy grahams.

I'm thankful for this. It encourages me to reach for those healthy snacks too. Charles too.

Apples have become a staple in our house. Right along side blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and raspberries.

And let's not forget the carrots and celery.

Little Miss stands at the fridge and when we open it she reaches immediately for whichever fruit or veggie she wants to snack on.

It's awesome!

Besides the obvious of keeping these foods in the house, how does a parent continue to encourage this type of eating behavior without forcing it?

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Barbara said...

I love this! My kids are the same way. We have a bowl of candy (still from Halloween) on our kitchen table and no one even pays attention to it! Eliot is 4 and though he will ask for M&Ms as a treat or a lollipop, he reaches for oranges, bananas, apples or carrots most often!! And Landrey is 16 months and loves green beans and, well pretty much all fruits and veggies! They do go through strafed though. Eliot was on a carrot ban for a whole even though they are his fave! When he refuses, I don't force it. I offer other equally healthy options. Sometimes he goes for that and sometimes not. If he asks for dessert when he has refused his veggies he usually will not get one. Or if he hasn't eaten much at all ill offer berries or raisins or even yogurt but the cookies and goodies only happen after a good balanced meal. I think of you lay the right foundation and don't force it during their refusal stages, they will always return to the healthy staples you have taught them. ~Barb