Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Why I so long for Little Miss to have a sister... I am one of four. Three brothers I have. One older. Two younger. I tortured every single one of them making them play dress up, dolls, and every other girly thing imaginable with me! I wanted a sister. I knew then how much I wanted a sister but as an adult I really see the impact it has had on my life...

Most of my adult life anyways. 4 years of infertility had me thanking the Good Lord for brothers who were not in a position to make any type of pregnancy announcement. It was only then that I was thankful... Yet even then I was slightly envious at those who did have fertile sisters who actually were surrogates when needed. If we were going to go the surrogate route, I loved the idea of it being a sister carrying our child.

When asked how many kids I want, I've always had a crazy "big" number. You know, because 8 is unheard of. Compromised on 4. God may have different plans. That is our hope though. To have two boys and two girls. That, to me, is the most ideal scenario one could have. The family is complete. Siblings have one another, both same sex and opposite sex. Win-win.

Though for now, I'm hopeful we have a second child... I'm hopeful baby will be a sister for Little Miss... If a boy it is, I'm hopeful we have more children and give each of them a sibling to bond with.

Fertility factors set aside- what is YOUR ideal family?


squirrelgirl said...

My ideal family is exactly what was given to me. I mourn my losses, but if I hadn't experienced them, I wouldn't have the exact family I have now, and I can't imagine a life without these 2 particular kids.

Emms said...

I hope hope hope for two kids. I used to want one of each, but now i hope for two girls so that my bug can have a sister.