Sunday, January 15, 2012


When I stumbled across Sugaring Paste Hair Removal I couldn't wait to try it!!! I HATE shaving. I hate that I am so incredibly white and my hairs as so incredibly black. Even when I shave, you can see the nasty hair follicles on my smooth legs because I'm so fair skinned. The promise of longer time between shavings, lighter, and thinner regrowth had me convinced!

My first two attempts were using Brown Sugar and Apple Cider Vinegar- No go.

My third attempt was using the appropriate ingredients but it came out really watery, more like the gel than paste.

My final attempt has been the best yet!

Ingredients- 2 cups white sugar. 1/4 cup water. 1/4 cup lemon juice. Admittingly I used the 2 cups white sugar but I used about 1/4 cup combined lemon juice and water.

Photos of the process- Nice boil.

As time passes, it turns colors. It needs to be a dark amber color.

Once nice and dark, it's done! Mine, at room temperature, was rock hard. I ended up heating up in microwave and adding 2 tablespoons of water and it was the right consistency.

Now for the FUN {OUCH!} part! I have not shaved my legs in over a week! in hopes of getting consistency right and sugaring them so my hairs were nice and long. EWW!

This is the after photo... Check out the red splotches left from sugaring. Ugh. I obviously was not doing something right as each application and pull would only remove like 5 hairs at a time! This is one little section on my leg that is hair free yet the red stinging fire feeling remained for almost a whole day!

I gave up. Drank a cold glass of water and hit the shower to finally shave! I've decided waxing/sugaring is not for me so now I need to convince Charles to let me buy the No! No! Home Hair removal device...

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