Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saying NO! to sugar!

Living in the hotel has some perks- housekeeping, breakfast 7 days a week, dinner 4 days a week, etc... With those "perks", specifically breakfast, comes sugar infused goodies like delicious chocolate chip muffins or cinnamon scones {our two favorites!} at an almost daily basis! Not to mention dinner usually includes dessert of some kind. Decadent dessert like brownies, huge chocolate chip cookies, or cheesecakes... Mmmmm.

Coincidence that Little Miss' sleep habits have gone downhill since moving in?

Coincidence no more! My "aha" moment today as I am about a week into a fast to include No Sugar and it dawned on me that she's sleeping more and crabbier less! {Charles confirmed!}

While she directly was not eating these yummy foods, {yes, we were those parents that held her food to a higher standard than our own} I was and she was indirectly getting it from breast milk!

Like the saying, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" comes my saying, "Sleep trumps Sugar!"

I guess the two really go hand in hand... :-)

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