Monday, January 16, 2012

Inspired by Finn

Teething babies are pitiful... It's a necessity in life, I'm thankful for my teeth!, yet it is still hard to see the little ones so miserable from teething!

I was turned onto Baltic Amber teething necklaces before I got pregnant actually. It was one of my "try" wants but did not see it as a necessity. Then I had a baby...who was teething. It was a necessity!

I am a total believer and tell anyone and everyone within ear shot how much I love this necklace! {Yes fakes are sold... Buying from a reputable company gives peace of mind! Plus, for your own mind sake test the necklaces yourself. Plastic beads burn when held to fire. Baltic Amber doesn't. When warmed it releases a warm forest scent.}

Anyways- When putting Little Miss' on her after bath a week ago I stupidly tightened the screw clasp too much and it broke off! Now she's having to wear mine which is way too big and she is constantly putting an arm through the necklace to wear as a sash... So I need to replace hers.

I have my eye on this one and can get it for free if 15 of you buy any item from Inspired by Finn using my specific code to get 25% off YOUR cart total!!! How great is that?!?! If you use my code please let me know as I have to tell them when I've reached 15 since they do not keep track for me. You can leave a comment or e-mail me {}

Ready?! Inspired By Finn co-op code MS25 Good through January 30, 2012!! Go shop!


Don't think Baltic Amber is just for babies precious teeth either... It helps with many ailments!

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Stephanie said...

Sorry I don't need one we are thankfully past that stage.

When one of my nieces play necklaces broke, I attached ribbon to it and that way we could put it on her with a simple bow in the back. Would that work for your necklace? Or could you just replace the clasp?