Sunday, January 22, 2012

God at work!

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

How life happened-

We have seen the finger prints of God working in our lives, especially the last year. We have never felt like Missouri was home. Our fault? Probably. Missouri has just always seemed like a jumping point for Charles' career. We purchased a house hoping that is what we needed to make it feel like home. To decorate. To unpack all the boxes and get rid of them! That would feel right. So we thought...

We were making our way home from a trip to GA and as we drove through Nashville we both made a comment "I sure do wish we were home already." This was a very humble statement on both our parts- I never thought I wanted to be back in Georgia and Charles did not see himself ever wanting to work at Atlanta Tower! Little did we know that that statement would start a series of life changing events and God seeking moments...

Then we felt the strong need to put the house on the market, still with no offers for Charles to go anywhere. Miraculously we had an offer within 24 hours and after haggling, an accepted contract by the end of the work week. In this market? Yeah. Only God could have orchestrated that! We pushed out closing until August and have since been living in a one bedroom hotel suite with the firm belief that God was moving us from Missouri to what we believed to be, Georgia.

We were so excited at the thought of being within an hour drive of our parents! So excited to watch the relationships between Little Miss and various special people in our lives bloom. Excited that holidays we would have a house full of people to celebrate with. Excited.

Charles had put in paperwork requesting relocation to quite a few facilities- all giving a similar answers, " you are coming from too low of a facility" or "we don't need anyone for another 1+ year". We were dismayed...

Although, all along we truly believed in our heart of hearts God was leading us home to Atlanta. We had so many awe inspiring moments when we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it was coming, to moments of "is this ever going to happen?" Why did we sell the house? Are we CRAZY? All along though God was there watching over us a preparing us as long as we were ready and willing to receive.

Then it happened! Last week Charles got the oh-so-important-phone-call! He was being released from St. Louis, Missouri and was to report to Charlotte, North Carolina April 8, 2012!!!

Talk about a curve ball!!!! That was supposed to be waaayyyyy out of the picture! We are so very excited at this possibility as in so many ways it is better than moving to Georgia for his career and still only 4 hours from our family in Georgia {sure beats our 10 hour drive currently}!

So as of April, we will embark on another new journey... Yet with it comes some bittersweet feelings. Leaving the few friends I have made here in Missouri but more so, leaving my older brother who lives here as well. I just need to figure out how to convince him to move to North Carolina too... :-)

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Erin Arnold said...

Charlotte! How exciting! So very close to me (a little less than an hour and a half)! If you guys need anything just let me know!