Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thirty-One Fundraiser!

The Lost Stork Foundation is having another fundraiser, just in time for Christmas! A consultant from Thirty-One is gracious enough to host a fundraiser event for us in which the Lost Stork receives 20% of the total sales prices. If we can sell $1,000 we'll earn $200 which is our goal.

The event is from November 23rd through Wednesday December 7th. Please visit this link to order. If the link doesn't work (it's given me problems on Facebook) then you can visit and search by our consultant, Debra Verneau in Georgia. Under her "My Events" link you'll see a link for the Lost Stork Fundraiser. Please use this "Shop Now" link to make your purchase to ensure that our organization receives the 20% donation.

If you make a purchase please note that your credit card will show a pending purchase until the fundraiser closes on December 7th. At this time your credit card will be charged and all orders placed during the fundraising period will submitted and ship within 10 days. Our fundraiser closes in time to receive all products by Christmas so please consider buying something to help us reach our goal. You can also help to spread the word! Below is the Thirty-One December Specials which you can receive by spending just $31 or more.

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mrs roberts class said...

I just started 31, and would absolutely love to ask you a few questions about how you set up your fundraiser. I have been asked to vend at 4-5 pageants, and am very excited about it, but 31 told me I can only offer hostess credit. Could you PLEASE email me at