Saturday, November 12, 2011

Changing it Up

I think Charles and I have officially come to terms that while hotel living was to be "temporary", as in, no more than two months, we are beginning to think that "temporary" is going to be up to a year.

So be it. Accept and move on.

In coming to terms with this, we are moving things around and changing up stuff. Before, the computer was in the bedroom. This looked better but was not functional at all! Little Miss HATES for anyone to be on the computer so basically if I couldn't access it via my cell phone, I wasn't doing anything computer related. Now, Charles has so kindly moved the computer out to the itty bitty dining room table. I am currently typing as she is asleep for the night. :-)

I've missed blogging... And reading blogs...

Hopefully now with this new change I'll be back a little more frequently, both reading and posting!

So do I have any readers still??? ;-)


squirrelgirl said...

Of couse! Though I'm on FB much more than Blogger. said...

:) still here too! usually have C in my arms so commenting is harder than reading :)

Nicole said...

I'm also part of the bloggy-slacker-IF-turned-mommy club :) Totally understand! And I'm still here checking in every once in a while!

Too funny about your princess loathing the computer, haha. Baby C will tolerate some computer use by me but if he's decided he's had enough he will just climb onto my lap between me and the laptop, facing me, and give me this look like, "Ok Mom, that's enough! Pay attention to me now!" Hilarious. OR... he wants to type himself, which is a bit nerve wracking lol

Lynn Roberts said...

I like the new look of the blog! And of course Little Miss' pouty face! lol