Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today was interesting...

Heading out the door this morning, Charles grabbed his Georgia Tech hat - he has not been wearing hats a lot lately.

Running errands we decided to stop for lunch at none other than my most favorite, Chick-fil-a. Yum! It was a packed house! Of course it was....Chick-fil-a is delicious!

In the midst of eating an older gentleman walked by us and made the comment "It sure is nice to see a Georgia Tech hat". Charles made a comment back on us being from Atlanta. The gentleman proceeded to say that he too was from Atlanta. The next 20 minutes were spent discussing how Missouri drivers can't drive.... How they should partner together and open a Varsity here.... All things Georgia to say the least.

When the older gentleman went to Chase down the manager for taking his chicken sandwich off the table Charles and I resumed our conversation... Totally a deep one so beware. :-)

C- "Have you noticed people don't wear hats around here like they do in Georgia?"
M- "No."
C- (panning the room to take a mental note of hat wearers in the packed dining area) "Not a single hat here.... In Georgia probably 70% of the guys would have on a hat."
M- (looking up from devouring my chicken sandwich and directly over Charles left shoulder.) {Insert me giggling} "Look behind you. Two kids wearing hats- each with an 'A' on it. One was representation of Atlanta Braves and the other Anaheim Angels."
C- "Isn't that funny..."

God winks?

To continue further- Charles is searching the job swap boards as often as I look at and found a potential four way swap to get him to Atlanta tower. He emailed the guy at Atlanta wishing to leave then headed out to mow the lawn.

Upon returning he had a response- the guy could not work out the swap but asked if Charles had his paperwork in for a voluntary move as the tower was looking to select a few people from the list soon...

(Of course Charles has his paperwork in!)

Funny huh?

So I continue to ask for prayers.... Prayers that we would be open to wherever God sends us. That we would be able to know which path to take. That we will be at peace with whatever God's will is that shall be done.

Prayers that hotel living isn't as bad as we are anticipating..... We move in Saturday!

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