Friday, August 5, 2011

Our first true home.

Tonight is our last night in the first home we have had as a family of three. When we brought Little Miss home from the hospital, it was a rental and about 90% of our stuff was in boxes getting ready for a move. 99.99% of our belongings are yet again in a box ready for the movers tomorrow.

When we came into this house I immediately began decorating her room. I had it completed within a couple weeks. I absolutely LOVE her room. Birds and owls and girly yet not too babyish. Love it.... It is her first room. I will miss her room. Sadly, it was the only room in the house to be completely decorated.

Tomorrow we leave it with the hopes another family continues to make memories here. We were only here 8 months but in those 8 months Little Miss crawled, said her first words, took her first steps, ate her first real foods, and is comfortable with the house layout. All in this house. She is a speeding bullet having her mind set on where she wants to go and getting there extremely quick! We spent many hours on the back deck and walking throughout the neighborhood. She squeals with delight as her dada comes into the house from the garage. I look around the house and see the special moments we had as a little family of three. All in this house.

We are excited as to what the next steps may be, to see where they lead us. These memories in this house are only the beginning to a lifetime filled with precious moments as these.


lifeasdescribed said...

Bittersweet moments! Hooray for new adventures!!

Maureen said...

Hi Meghan,

It is always a little sad to say good-bye, but I'm sure you're on to bigger and better things! We're thinking and praying that things will all fall in to I'm sure they will! Take care!!