Sunday, July 10, 2011


Oh how I love when my childhood stories come back to bite me in the butt, almost literally... All these items were a wonderful make me laugh so hard gift sent to Little Miss days after her birth.

I hear you asking now, Is the sender some sort of child slave driver? Pledge?! Socks?! Really!?

Oh, there is a story...

A good story...

I used to babysit "Aunt Su-Su" three lovely children way back when. One evening, I decided a great occupying game would be to spray pledge all over their hardwood floors and slip n slide around in our socks.

I have to take a moment to giggle as I recall these events...

While we had a blast doing it, in my teenage mind I didn't think about the after effects Pledge has on hardwood floors.

It's slippery.

The next morning the kids father got up for work and when come off the stairs onto the floor he kind of slipped and busted his butt.

But the floors were cleaned! {No extra charge! :-)}

And we all had, and still have, a good laugh over it!

He was okay though... and I was hired to baby sit again so it must not have been too bad. :-)

When when "Aunt Su-Su" heard of Little Miss' arrival she stocked up on all types of girly socks and promptly shipped to me! One day, Little Miss will wear socks and slip n slide around in Pledge but I'll {hopefully} remember to anti slick the floors so we don't bust our butt.

Thanks "Aunt Su-Su" and Moses kids!!!

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Hahaha... It's really funny. Good thing his alright after that. Congratulations to the arrival of you Little Missy. She's a beauty.