Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vaccine Posts

I knew when I first tackled this topic that it would be a work in progress no doubt. What I didn't realize is how LONG that work in progress would be! I really feel the pressure as I have put off vaccinations until her first birthday and that's just a short 4.5 months away! Will we start then or postpone another year? I need to complete my research so Charles and I may decide what we feel is best for Little Miss and our family.

So I write to say, please bare with me as this is one heck of a topic to tackle and as I compile more FACTUAL {realize how difficult it is to separate the facts from strong opinions?!} information on each vaccination available.

If you have any resources you wish to share on FACTUAL information, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll look over and possibly incorporate into the different vaccination posts!

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Ray and Chrissy said...

I could not locate your email address on your site so I am sending this via comment instead, hope that's okay.

First I have to ask what you mean by "unbiased"? Will a link to the CDC do? (http://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/index.html) How about a link to another website (http://www.vaccinateyourbaby.org/). Both cites contain additional places to go for information regarding vaccine safety and why it's important to vaccinate your child on time.
Also I have some questions for you:
1. You are aware that if you are concerned about overloading your baby's immune system with these vaccines that you can ask you pediatrician to separate them, correct? It would require several additional trips to the doctor but many don't mind doing it
2. After following your blog for this long Megan I know you tried to eat right, avoid alcohol etc during your pregnancy in order to minimize the risk to your unborn baby? Why would you risk her now? Particularly when herd immunity has been compromised so greatly by people failing to vaccinate their children.
I know there are a lot of anti-vaccine people out there (we have several folks in our family who refuse to vaccinate or have vaccinated late). I have to say i think its a big, big risk you are taking by not vaccinating her now. Obviously, you do what you feel is right, I don't think I can change someone's strong opinion on the subject.