Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photo Re-cap!

I am absolutely still floating around on cloud 9 somewhere... Life as a mommy is so much more than I ever dreamed it would be! This little girl is love in so many different ways! Seeing her smiles, comforting her tears, the giggles and watching her grow every single day just makes my heart burst with joy!

She's cut two teeth now {and as of yesterday seems to be working on another given the low grade temp she's running, again} See them? So cute! She's crawling on all fours but still much prefers army crawling. Well, actually, she prefers standing and walking with help.

My mom and Ray came for my birthday weekend. Love this photo of my mom and Little Miss! I think Madelyn is starting to remember my mom as she is taking less and less time to warm up to her despite being hesitant with everyone else still.

Yep. This is how brave my just barely 7 month old daughter is... She's much more frequently now letting go and standing for short seconds herself! She was holding onto my {still pj wearing} leg and after a few seconds, went back to the comfort of holding onto it. She likes to pull up to standing using any and everything in sight, including the dogs and curtains, and shoe laces! Not kidding. I imagine she'll definitely be walking by her first birthday...

And our attempts at capturing her monthly birthday pictures, 7 months actually, were a chore this time! Darn teeth bring low grade fevers and make her want mama's comfort. Yes, she still wears the teething necklace as we do believe it helps some but certainly does not take away all the teething pain. {To be expected though}

After a falling from co-sleeper incident on my birthday, we have transitioned Little Miss to her crib. Suprisingly, she took to it very well! I was shocked as we had tried several times before and she was clearly not ready. She is now going about 5-6 hours before waking for her first feed and is up 2-3 times to nurse during the night. I do not like that she is now getting up for the day between 5-5:30am though... I really liked the 7-7:30am wakings!

I never knew I would be so sad in her moving to the crib! I miss our snuggles. I miss waking refreshed despite her waking the same amount of times during the night to nurse- in bed she latched to nurse herself with minimal effort/waking on my part thus getting more sleep. Now I am up for 20 min at a time 2-3 times a night to nurse her and then have to settle back down to sleep myself. Not liking this but she seems to sleep better, at least in the beginning, so I'll suffer.

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