Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old dog??

Hubby and I are dog lovers... Especially our two furbabies, Jack and Jill. Jack is our pound puppy Jack Russell Terrier who we are guessing is about 9-10 years old. Jill is another rescue, Lab/American Bulldog, who is about 6 years old.

Over the years, obviously, they have aged- especially Jack. He's always been antsy when we start pulling out the moving boxes but the last few moves have been really hard on him. We put him on anti-anxiety meds {I know, crazy!} while I was pregnant as he just couldn't handle all the changes of moving boxes out, again, and sensing something big going on. We've tried taking him off several times but he just can't... It sucks.

Although we have yet to start actually packing for the upcoming move, he has peed on the floor a couple of times. Old dog? Getting back at us since 8 months later and the baby still here? Needing dosage increased?

I really HATE taking the dogs to the vet unless absolutely 100% necessary... $40 just for the "office visit", really?! Then they always want to do blood work and check urine and stool... Throw in the meds that are needed.. Add in any possible x-ray or ultrasound and we've gone bankrupt, ON A DOG!

Yet the dog just had his teeth cleaned a couple weeks ago......... That's ALL Charles.

So, any pet owners out there have any thoughts on what's going on with our Jack??? I would wrap a diaper around his butt, err, ya know, but he'd just chew it to shreds and we'd fear intestinal blockage so to the vet we would rush only to walk away with a $350 vet bill and an "all clear" stamp on the paper.

Yeah, we've had our fair share of emergency and regular vet appointments for Jack. Our $20 puppy has cost us thousands over the years! Not including yearly vaccinations... Oh but the stories we have to share because of him! :-)

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