Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby Signing Time

I have a new addiction!! Ah! I've scored several fantastic items from them... BabyBanz Hat, BabyLegs, Swaddlebees Econappi, and my new favorite Baby Signing Time!

Long before I got pregnant I was enthralled with sign language. I think it is beautiful and have wanted to learn for some time. When I learned about baby signing I was hooked and this was long before I was pregnant! The idea of communicating with my children before they could speak, amazing!

When had Baby Signing Time as a "steal" I had to buy it! I am so glad I did!!! Little Miss doesn't watch TV and still isn't into the little segments but we love the books and flash cards and CDs! I love the movies since I am a visual learner and the books themselves just are not cutting it... I have learned so many signs from this kid series and try to sign to Little Miss throughout the day. I will most certainly be on the look out for Signing Time and hoping that one day they will create a visual program for adults! :-)

Our favorite signs are "more", "milk", and "all done". In an attempt to teach her "more", I did the signs and she started clapping. I don't know if it was her version of the sign or she was clapping in joy that I knew what she wanted! :-)


Ray and Chrissy said...

We did signing with Clara. It took her until she was about 11 months old before it really clicked for her and then she signed in full sentences "More milk please"- she no longer signs (she speaks quite well actually) but she still signs the word for "please" as well as says it. It's the only one she kept after she no longer needed the others (because the word "please" was probably the hardest of the words to speak for her at first)

Ashli said...

I signed with the twins, it was really nice, and so cute to see them using signs. They had used More, all done, eat, night night, please and thank you...maybe some more. Hannah had more signs, but Evann used them longer. It was funny, too, cause he'd signed Thank you right, for a while, then he changed it...I have no idea why. :P They do still sign please, now, even though they know how to say it. I need to get started on Abi!!