Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baby Led Weaning

My take on baby foods has changed {Shocked?} since having Little Miss. After lots of reading I decided to start solids, at the earliest, when she hit 6 months. She had a bite here and there from about 5 months but we're talking about a total of like five times. When her 6 month birthday hit I tried introducing solids without much enthusiasm on her part. Tried the jarred foods and they were, eh, not a hit. I decided to skip cereals all together so that pretty much left us with following Baby Led Weaning.

It has worked out GREAT for us! She, unfortunately, seems to have inherited my sensitive digestive system and although she showed all the developmental milestone of being "ready", she wasn't. Baby Led Weaning allowed her to decide how much to eat and of what foods offered to her. She really did not start "eating" until just the last week at 8 months old.

*The first year nutrition comes mostly from breastmilk {this is her case} or formula. Solids are a means of learning new tastes and textures in the first year so really no pressure to start exactly at 6 months anyways. Heck, our pediatrician told us if we didn't start until a year it's not that big of a deal since her nutrition is coming from breastmilk.

We have learned though that she still can't tolerate wheat {one of the things I had to eliminate early on in breastfeeding but since about 5 months she was able to tolerate again in breastmilk} so that has been eliminated, again.

It still baffles me to sit down at the table and have a meal with her... Her eating buckwheat pancakes and fruit and me eating a bagel. Crazy!


Emily B said...

That's our plan with Mia, too. I can't wait to try it out with her, it looks like fun and makes more sense to me than purees.

Ray and Chrissy said...

We did BLW. Loved it. We'll do it with this baby too (hopefully). My husband was a skeptic at first but it worked out awesome for us. We could take her out to dinner with us and she'd eat and my food wouldn't get cold. We didn't wait between foods though because to me that was a waste of time. It was a great experience and in all likelihood (if this babe is growing right) we'll do the same when he/she is ready.