Thursday, June 23, 2011

8 months

Today my sweet baby girl is 8 months old... It seems like she was 3 months, I blinked, and she's 8 months now! I sure hope the rest of her childhood doesn't go this fast!!!

She is all over the place! Perfected crawling the proper way last month as well as pulling to stand and cruising around with minimal holding on. It's crazy!

What we crack up the most with though is her personality... we are so going to be in trouble as she seems to be following awfully close to my "monster meghan" days. She has figured out temper tantrums, especially while getting her outfit changed.

You can see the light bulb going off with cause and effect... She hits a toy with another toy and waits for the music to come on. It's great! And figuring out where to place her hands so she can accurately open cabinet doors. :-)

And my favorite these days is what we affectionately refer to as "dog hurdling", the next Olympic sport. She makes a b-line for whichever dog is closer and crawls over them, except she forgets to go all the way over and just lays on top of them. Eventually the dog gets tired of this and {Jack} rolls over and thus she does a somersault while {Jill} just gets up and thus Little Miss goes rolling. Hilarious!

I love watching her learn new things and explore every day! So thankful I can call her my daughter...

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