Monday, May 16, 2011

Been Busy!

Little Miss has earned the new nickname, courtesy of her daddy, "Mischievous Madelyn". And boy is that true! She has been army crawling for almost two weeks now and this past weekend started "real" crawling on all fours! Of course, her main incentive is still the nasty dog toy but at least she's moving! Needless to say, "Mischievous Madelyn" is into EVERYTHING! It's quite comical really. Watching her explore the world around her opens my eyes to new things every day too. Like the dust bunnies collecting in odd places or how she instinctively finds every outlet in the house...

We have been on again/off again with solids. She is not a fan of jar foods at all. We've been relying on this mesh feeder as she absolutely loves it! Really helps with teething too and since she has just recently cut her first tooth with a couple clearly right behind, we pull out the mesh feeder often around home and while out!

Her favorite fruit so far, hands down, strawberries! Just like her Uncle Daniel...

The deck we had installed has been a God send! We LOVE spending time outside. The dogs roam while Little Miss and I play, sing, and talk. Looking forward to the stairs and fence getting installed one day too... It's been a nightmare!

{Yes, Jack still thinks she is his baby!}

I cannot believe my baby girl is going to be 7 months on the 23rd! I still thank God daily for this wonderful blessing! She truly is such an amazing little girl and we are so proud to be her parents!


Ray and Chrissy said...

Since you are breastfeeding anyway, skip the silly mesh feeder and do BLW, since you want her to self-wean anyway. And especially if she doesn't like mushed up food. Heck we did BLW and Clara was on formula from 5 months on, worked great- I didn't have to puchase special food for her or spend my weekends blending and freezing mush. She never used anything but her hands, finally when her dexterity was better a spoon, then a fork- now a knife and fork and she stopped using a bottle at 11 months and used sippies for probably 6 months before she switched to a real cup. She's a fantastic eater, loves everything!

Read the book Baby-led Weaning by Gill Rapley and thank me later. ;)

Lynn Roberts said...

Maddie has a halo mohawk like her mommy did! Yep, no resting now, ever! I can't wait to see her next week!:)