Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baby changes everything...

When pregnant I was told over and over and over {and over and over and over...} again that "A baby changes everything"! My response? Rolling of yes with a "yeah, yeah" attitude.

No really. A baby changes everything!

The obvious. Ya know- like watching what I put in my body as she gets trace amounts via breast milk.

The not so obvious. Like willingly going to a one car family.

Then their are the words I have muttered that I never in a million years expected to come from these lips...

"I want to move back to Georgia."

Those. words. The complete opposite of the words I have spoken many times throughout my high school life... I could not wait to leave Georgia! To spread my wings and fly! Instead, I am like a Penguin {right bird?} that has flown and now wants to come back home to settle.

Baby has brought to surface some feelings that I thought were handled. No. Instead they are raw feelings again.

Baby changes the way I see my mom... My dad... My in-laws... My brothers... My cousins... My friends... No sense in wasting time establishing relationships with those, regardless of their "title" in my life, if they don't truly care about Little Miss or us really.

Baby has changed the way I see community. Not necessarily community in the sense of what is offered but instead the people. I want my daughter to grow up in a close community of people. A village of sorts. You know, because "it takes a village to raise a child".

For what it is worth- I truly believe this. This is one reason I'm sad we're not back home, living in Georgia. Georgia is where our "village" is. I never acknowledged that fully until now...

I love how baby has indeed changed our lives... Changed our lives for the better, no doubt.

I, naively, did not realize baby would change even the things deeply hidden...

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