Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On Watch...

Little Miss has been tucking her knees under her and scooting forward. She's chest up with arms straight a lot more these days too. She has "army crawled" a couple of times, but nothing consistent.

I find myself only putting her on the floor when I am sitting there with her as I don't want to miss the first crawl! I know, sad. But true. {We do spend most of the day on the floor but still!}

I think she's cued in on my watching and waiting to crawl since she is desperately trying to pull herself to stand! Yep. Trying to skip crawling all together {not under my watch Little Miss!}.

When sitting with her, she turns to position herself directly in front of you; reaches out her arms; grabs onto your fingers; and pulls herself to standing! Crazy. I know!

She tried to pull herself to standing in the tub. She got so frustrated since it was too slippery to do so just yet. She tries to pull up using the dog. The toy baskets. Just about anything that is within arms reach while sitting, she tries to pull to standing on!

My baby is growing up much too quickly for this mama's liking! Someone, please invent a freeze time machine so I can have her a baby for a bit longer! Half a year officially on Saturday...

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Annie Kates said...

Bad news... the 2nd half of the first year goes more quickly than the 1st did.
She is growing up so quickly! It's so bittersweet. Exciting to see them meet new milestones, yet sad to see how fast it all goes.