Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dirty Laundry

This little cutie, Little Miss, is adorable if I may say so myself! Only the best for her, of course.

We are cloth diapering (FLIP system is our go-to with night time diapers being Bumgenius 4.0 snaps with one Fuzzibunz thrown in that I am not a fan of at all!) her and decided to do so while she was still in the womb. Charles and myself both have very sensitive skin so I just knew she would too. Boy was I right...

We started out washing the diapers in All Free and Clear and while they were clean, I felt they could be cleaner and less sticky feeling. Not to mention, I had to strip them numerous times! We then tried adding a hard water softener to the cycle to help with the All. Then we had skin reactions from Little Miss! Her poor little body was broken out head to toe, bum too since all was washed in this new detergent! Back to the All we went... I have two friends that use cloth and love Charlie's Soap. I decided to give it a try!

Let me just take a moment to say I LOVE Charlie's Soap!!! And not becuase it's similiar in name to my husband. :-)

I have since switched ALL of our laundry duty to Charlie's Soap! No fragrances. No frills. No fun. Just clean. Everything smells, clean. That's it. Items are softer than before too. And, it is saving in money as it washes out in only two rinses opposed to the 4-5 the All required!

Have I mentioned I love Charlie's Soap?? :-)

I don't love that it doesn't get out dried in stains though. haha. Kind of unrealistic? Mr Sun takes care of those.

I wish they were paying me to say this. Actually, I just love it so much I'm sharing on my own free will!

It is cheap too. I purchased two 80 load washes to test out. When we hit the second one, I'm going to go all out and order the giant 5 lb detergent one!

Now if only I could find dryer balls that don't fall apart like the last two I tried... Suggestions?


Annie Kates said...

I am so glad that you love Charlie's.
We have Kelley to thank for this one- she turned me on to it for the cloth diapers.
It's amazing how you think your clothes smell "clean" until you use Charlie's. Then you smell how clean is meant to smell, like nothing, just clean.
I tell everyone how great it is. They all must think I am a little crazy, but honestly, it's THAT good!

Ashli said...

Have you tried wool dryer balls?? I haven't tried them but there are a couple I have heard rave reviews from...can't remember their names, I'll see if I can't figure it out.