Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why I love...

Video Monitors!
The saying goes, "Don't knock it until you've tried it!" is oh so true!

Once upon a time, I used to think that parents that used these new techy video monitors were just lazy. Why get a video monitor when you can just go check in on the baby for goodness sakes! What's the big deal people!?

And then I used one...


It was our splurge item for our self as I wanted to make sure I got the one I wanted. I stocked all the stores for sales and read a gazillion reviews on all the monitors. I could have cared less about the color part, which is a good thing since the color part really doesn't work too well unless it's daytime. It's the pan/zoom that I absolutely love on this monitor!

As I learned nannying for twin boys who would often scoot and roll about in their cribs, the monitor was stationary so if they happened to move outta sight, you had to go abouts checking on them the old fashioned way- peaking in the bedroom hoping not to get caught. You could still hear them but it was the silent moments that you knew trouble was up!

When I came across this one that scans and zooms, my search was over. Even though Little Miss spends 99.9999% of her naps in the co sleeper in our bedroom with not much room to move about, I have used the zoom and pan feature many times. I have no doubt it was worth the extra bucks just for this feature!

I sure hope it lasts for the upcoming years when she transitions from the crib to a toddler/big girl bed and is in and out of her bed as she wishes. That feature will be great then too!

I love the zoom too and have used it many times to zoom in on Little Miss' chest to make sure she's still breathing when she happens to be taking an uncanny long nap...

This product gets 5 stars from me!

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Stephanie said...

We often wish we had one so we could see why the boys are having so much fun in their cribs!

Also it would be nice when they are sick and have a coughing fit and sound like they are choking. Extra peace of mind is important for momma.